Book “A Study in Scarlet” Arthur Conan Doyle

Book A Study in Scarlet  by Arthur Conan Doyle illustrated by Fernando Vicente Nordica Libros Publishing Books

Study in Scarlet is the first work that Conan Doyle writes about the mythical researcher, Sherlock Holmes. In it he meets Dr. Watson and they look for a house to share.

Book A Study in Scarlet

Drawing a character like Sherlock Holmes of which there are so many versions is a problem. His thing when you illustrate is to try to give your own version away from the known ones, but in this case I could not avoid drawing it with the classic frock coat and his hunter’s cap, which although it is an invention of film and television draw a character profile without the one that would remain as lame or lacking in its essence.

It is a book that I painted in gray and red because I thought black and white was going very well for Victorian London and its mists.

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