Vanitas – Fernando Vicente, captures in his work the human the body represented with sophisticated dyes. The author chooses anatomical sheets as key material to capture attention. So one of the referents captured in the work is the marked tendency of classical painting.

You can see his work  to keep a close eye on his frequently updated blog

His work is collected in the book Fernando Vicente Roads Publishing.

Vanitas collects the human body without subterfuge, outside and inside. We realize how fragile we are. Therefore we think, we all have the same viscera, arteries and muscles.

First of all, inside the human body is a tremendous beauty so I am captured by it.

It took years for selection of medical books and anatomical atlas. Vanitas attempts to reflect its beauty, and fragile.

Place the bare interior, looking for the human soul and if someone gives you his heart is really what gives you that and nothing else, the total delivery.

For a long time inside the human body has been postponed for the exclusive use of medicine and science. Now it is time to claim it for our contemplation.

fine arts Vanitas is a recurring theme in the history of painting.

I try to represent this new vanity of fashion and glamour, so many main character of the paintings are like mock covers of fashion magazines Vanity Fair et omnia vanitas.The painting is always present in the study.

It begin with an idea and developed when hang up the work, which in some cases, the time may be 2 or 3 years. My exhibitions are thematic and they reflect all my obsessions as a result all paintings are connected.