Atlas – the world is not as it seems

This serie shows the world is not as it seems, but as he wants us to see it.

The extent of Vicente’s work ranges wide and deep.

Faced with these cartographic challenges that Fernando Vicente presents, a number of questions immediately hit us.

Or will there be harmony in these lands of the imagination?. Beauty is never the result of the order of the universe, but the ultimate expression of its disorder. Everything is rocked by chaos and, in Vicente’s vision, Pangaea, that once evolved to be the planet we know, gives way to delirium.


You can see his work  to keep a close eye on his frequently updated blog

His work is collected in the book Fernando Vicente Roads Publishing.

The Atlas is one that shows a truly baroque taste which are much more useful for explaining our environment.

Virtuosity in which pictorial truth gives way to artifice, a technical viewing and the profoundness of true art. Territories which we all learned in school, with their maps, abandon the natural order to which they belong and suddenly acquire unthinkable dimensions which are sometimes beautiful and sometimes puzzling.

Maps that Fernando Vicente creates with his brushes cease to be geographic representations and become canvases that serve a higher artistic reality.

Pintura ATLAS Fernando Vicente Paleocraneo