Myths of horror movies. “Cuando nacen los monstruos: mitos del cine de terror de Alberto Gil editado por Lunwerg


When Monsters Are Born: Myths of Horror Movies

Monsters do not come out of nowhere. They are creatures that we are slow to recognize and that, before reaching us, have made a journey from very diverse origins.

A black chronicle media case, a scientific finding… sometimes crystallize in our imagination under a monstrous appearance, sharpened by a familiar feeling: fear.

Those who have always approached horror films with a skepticism will be surprised by the influence of the twenty-five films reviewed in this book. Classics and recognizable icons for everyone.

Their diversity, their sources of inspiration. Their artistic and technical quality and their often timeless character. Justify the existence of faithful and multitudinous fans of the irruption of horror on the screen. One of the film genres with the capacity to make us stir in our seats. Make us feel shaken in our emotions and we do not recover so easily after the word END.