Venus – Fernando Vicente, captures in his work the human the body.

With this series I have tried to investigate the mix of anatomy and beauty a little further.

In this series I wanted to pay tribute to the great themes of painting.

You therefore find some reclining nudes in the style of the Orientalist odalisques, some paying homage to Botticelli’s ‘Venus and the Three Graces’, which is one of the great themes of painting.

I had always really liked that piece, so after seeing it in real life I decided to include it in the series. There are some more timid homages to the great Japanese artist and engraver Katsushika Hokusai, who was behind the famous ‘Great Wave’.

First of all, inside the human body is a tremendous beauty so I am captured by it.

It took years for selection of medical books and anatomical atlas. It attempts to reflect its beauty, and fragile.

My exhibitions are thematic and they reflect all my obsessions as a result all paintings are connected.

Then you can see his work  to keep a close eye on his frequently updated blog . And all work is collected in the book Fernando Vicente Roads Publishing.