Anatomies by Fernando Vicente

Fernando Vicente, has been developing his style of combining illustration with painting since the early 80’s, and he has a serious portfolio to account for it. The extent of Vicente’s work ranges wide and deep. Anatomies is one of his anatomical series of fine arts. In his anatomical work Vicente captures a classic beauty through which he generates intricate and innovative images, by dissecting the inner workings of a human and a machine; and even combining them in one of the series shown here.

You can see his work  to keep a close eye on his frequently updated blog

His work is collected in the book Fernando Vicente Roads Publishing. Fernando’s painting works that revolve around the body and the human figure. Anatomies paintings made on posters of ancient mechanics. Atlas paintings on school atlases, and finally Vanitas and Venus, two series that delve into the ephemeral nature of beauty. Blending Anatomy and beauty. Roads Publishing Presents Fernando Vicente. An evocative and glamorous new book of the anatomical paintings of Fernando Vicente.