Quattrocento is a series by Fernando Vicente in oil on panel in circular format, traditionally called tondo.

The Quattrocento serie is a series of paintings inspired by the Renaissance. The serie is composed of four female portraits: Naturae, Madonna, Lacrymosa and Chaotica.

This work, Quattrocento serie along with other series such as Lectoras, Diosas, Ondinas and Ofelias are part of the exhibition Mujeres imaginadas at the Galeria A cuadros in Madrid.

Fernando Vicente’s work as a painter is characterized by the constant presence of the human figure combined with other elements that the author has been collecting throughout his life.

Thus, there are four of the main series that group his pictorial work.

Anatomies is painted on maps, Atlas on mechanical workshop plates, and Vanitas and Venus use anatomical plates.

Self-taught. His first works as an illustrator appeared in the first half of the eighties, in the middle of Madrid’s movida.

In some of the most relevant magazines such as Madriz and La luna de Madrid.

Later, for about a decade, he left illustration as his main professional activity, to move to the advertising sector, where he would be art director in several agencies.

when he return to the world of illustration, from 1999 to the present, he has published assiduously in the newspaper El País and its various supplements.

Of special importance in his collaboration with the newspaper are his illustrations for the cultural Babelia.Thanks to this work he has won three Awards of Excellence from the Society for News Design.

In 1984, he exhibited his work for the first time at the Moriarty Gallery. After this exhibition he has had several national and international exhibitions, both individual and collective.