Book “Mansfield Park” Jane Austen

Book Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

The illustrations of Jane Austen’s Mansfield park book recreate an unstructured family order, and where she visually describes the protagonist’s loneliness in a cold and superficial environment. The Spanish illustrator captures the vision of the work in different scenarios.

Mansfield Park is a beautiful commission from Gutenberg Galaxy. This is a romantic novel by Jane Austen that I had not read and I found full of nuances in her characters throughout its almost 400 pages.

I love to approach a period work. I like to look for documentation of both clothing, hairstyles and decorations. You have the feeling of shooting a movie looking for the frame that best suits each scene. For Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, I have seen many period films. I have also bought English architecture books and gardens to soak up the atmosphere of that era and its landscapes.

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